Student's Conference

STC 2018

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Important deadlines

Deadline for registration of author: March 18, 2018
Deadline for registration of contribution: March 18, 2018
Deadline for full text submission: April 2, 2018
Date of conference: April 11, 2018

Registration of author

For active participation in the conference, each author needs to be signed up in the registration system of the conference which can be accessed via item Login in the upper main navigation bar. Students from FME CTU can use their standard user name and password (DUPS) for logging in. In this case, author is registered automatically. Participants who do not have an account at FME CTU or who do not remember their user name or password must register using button Register, which is available in the upper right corner of the registration system's home page. During the registrationm please do not forget to enter information about your titles.

Registration of contribution

After logging in the system, each author can sign up his/her contribution to the conference (it is possible to register more contributions). If there are more authors of one contribution, the registration is done by just one of them (the first author). In such case, however, all the authors have to be registered in the system before registration of the contribution. The contribution is registered by saving the form for adding new contribuiton. All the fields in the form needs to be filled. The abstract should be written in Czech language (Slovak) in case of lecture hold in Czech (Slovak) or in English in case of lectures hold in all the other languages. The registered contribution is free to change or delete until the deadline for registration of contributions. The list of registered contributions can be seen in section Information → Papers. In case of any problems please contact organizers via e-mail: stc@fs.cvut.cz.

Full text of contribution

Full text is submitted in electronic form by its uploading to the registration system. Only files in *.pdf format are accepted. Different types of files can't be uploaded to the system. The full text uploaded to the system is free to change by uploading its new version until the deadline for full text submission.
While formatting the full text of a contribution please follow the instructions presented in the paper template. It is possible to use version for Word (paper_Word.doc) and also for LaTeX (paper_LaTeX.zip). Both templates are also available in the section Information → Download. The full text must be written in the same language as the one chosen for presentation of the contribution during its registration (see below).

Paper presentation

Contributions can be presented in form of a lecture only. The lecture should not exceed 10 min in time. The remaining time (approximately 5 min) is devoted to questions from the members of evaluation committee or the audience. During registration of the contribution, it is necessary to choose the language for presentation. Undergraduate students (bachelor and master study) may present their contributions in Czech or English. Postgraduate students (doctoral study) can present their works only in a foreign language (any language in the list available at registration).
All lecture rooms are equipped with a PC (PowerPoint 2016), projector, and overhead projector. There will be available a presenter for remote switching of slides equipped with a laser pointer. When preparing slides it should be kept in mind that the presented content is easy to read (text, labels in graphs, etc.).
Presentations in PowerPoint should be loaded to computers before the section proceedings start! Time schedule of lectures in each section of the conference will be/is presented in the conference program. Question relating to technical or software equipment of lecture rooms can be addressed to secretary of particular section (see the conference program).

All the above mentioned information about presentation of contributions is also accesible for downloading in the section Download